Our team of professionals works with that unparalleled attention to detail which has always distinguished Italian craftsmanship.  From design to choice of colours, production cycle and floor installation: each of these phases enables us to grasp the real essence of the projects and to transform them into matter. Into resin.

Discover the top quality of the resin floors made by our professionals!

Over 20 years of direct experience in the field of resins has enabled us to make our work method known and appreciated worldwide.  Including by leading fashion and design names, which have preferred us to make the resin floors of their concept stores and sales outlets in Italy and abroad. Names like H&M, Dsquared2, Benetton, Puma, Sisley, Playlife, GAS Jeans, Sportler, Chicco, Librerie.Coop, Byblos. But not only.

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Modern, original and at the same time fully personalized, Vissa resin floors and surfaces are not only the latest fashion trend in the world of interior decorating and retail, but are also a safe and long-lasting solution for all industrial premises. Resin surfaces are in fact resistant, dustproof, waterproof, non-slip and, unlike many other materials, permit creating a single surface that covers floors and walls without interruption.


Vissa floors and walls are made using Mapei products and are suitable for a whole range of applications. They are perfect for covering large or small surfaces that have to be easily and quickly cleaned, such as industrial sheds, stores, sports fields, swimming pools, showers and baths; but also premises requiring frequent and careful sanitation, such as hospitals, pharmaceutical labs and food manufacturers.

Over the years, our team has specialized in installing resin floors in the retail sector, creating personalized surfaces for the shops, stores and showrooms of internationally renowned brand names.

Resin can cover already existing surfaces made from different materials (concrete, tiles, cotto) and, thanks to its reduced thickness, also floors with integrated heating. It also allows covering already-installed doors, skirting boards and furniture with big time savings. The broad colour assortment and features also make it possible to use resin to create artistic and decorative details. In the industrial sphere, resin can be used to mark out routes and emergency fire escape paths, as required by Italian law decree 81/2008.


In the residential sphere, we offer an additional service that comprises the exclusive installation of interior floors and wall coverings in wood and mosaics, with Bolzan Parquet and Bolzan Parquet e Mosaico + products. A perfect solution for outdoor floors, on the other hand, is composite wood, an innovative material guaranteed by the Lignodur® Terrafina brand, made entirely in Germany.

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